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A Word from Our President

Education is cherished by many as a way to advance or receive a job that once seemed so far away. Education is one of the keys to success that is obtainable with desire and perseverance.

Sometimes, there are road blocks to attaining that goal. Perhaps by distance to schools, money needed, or other distractions.

Some of these distractions can be overcome by getting your degree on-line. It will certainly cost less than one obtained at a traditional on site school.

A four-year college education becomes more expensive as every year passes. The cost of a bachelor's degree can be tens of thousands of dollars. Here at AFGMA Bible College, it will cost a fraction of that. I encourage you to avoid a lifetime of debt.

We will educate and guide you through the texts, idealogies, and comprehensive skills, necessary for you to completely comprehend the depth and breath of the degree program you have chosen. We will teach you how to meet and exceed any challenge you may encounter on your journey toward fulfilling how God has called you to service.

We pray that God forever imprints upon your mind the great teachings of these authors, who have dedicated their lives, so that you might fully comprehend the breadth, height, and depth of the mind of God himself.

In his service,

Bishop S. B. Richardson, Jr., President, AFGMA Bible College