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Hello, and welcome to you!

If you’re interested in visiting this website, then we believe that you’re looking for the best and convenient way to help you get ready to fulfill your call to ministry with greater result for less.

We also know that you don’t want to be uprooted from your family or present job, ministry, and travel a great distance for training, or spend lots of money to get the same result.

It is our desire for you to have the freedom to study at your own pace, to spend time with loved ones, to have complete peace of mind knowing that you are getting a high quality online education for ministry at a price you can afford.

That’s why you need to explore the entire website NOW!

The AFGMA Bible College offers the following degrees in Biblical Studies, Theological Studies, Pastoral Studies, and Missionary Studies. We have assembled some of the most qualified instructors with the Holy Spirit as our Chief Instructor.

ABC programs are strictly designed for believers who desire to be equipped and trained for an effective ministry in the 21st Century.

All our graduates will be given the opportunity (optional) to become a member of the Association of Full Gospel Missionary Assembly, Inc. (dba) AFGMA Missions International, and could be qualified for ordination. Our students are also given the opportunity for missionary trips abroad.

Thank you for your time and I am looking forward to having you as a student of the AFGMA Bible College.

In His Service,

Bishop Sam B. Richardson, Jr.


Why Apply Today?

Are you looking for an online college that offers a top-tier education?

Are you concerned about academic standards?

Are you wondering what sets apart one online college from another?

Our curriculum is designed from the ground up to exceed students' expectations in these areas.


Highest Academic Standards,

Comprehension to Meet Any Career Challenge

We are committed to providing degree programs based on academic texts authored by widely respected, preeminent conservative scholars.  (see list of authors and their curriculum vitae).

Each program includes carefully selected conservative textbooks which meet the highest academic standards, and yields a broad academic coverage.

This approach prepares graduates to handle any challenge presented in their field of preparation.

Unrivaled Return on Investment

Why bury yourself in a lifetime of debt?  Our tuition is set at $90 per course.  That's $30 per credit hour.  Compare that with any bible college.  Complete any B.A. for an astounding $3000 or less.

Buy only the number of courses you can afford each semester.  We do not require you take more than one course per semester.

Textbooks, and Optional Lecture Videos

All courses require the purchase of a textbook through Amazon.  These texts are used in the classroom of some of the most well regarded Bible Colleges and Seminaries nationwide.

Several of these texts are offered as Kindle downloads.  Students can read them on their smart-phone, and even make annotations.  Annotations can be accessed via smart phone, or desktop (preferred).

Optional lecture videos are offered with some courses (requires additional purchase).  These are created by the textbook authors themselves.  In these videos, the author clearly points out concepts and ideas that are important to him, based on his qualified experience.  If you have the time, it's worth the dime.


Almost all of our quizzes and exams are taken DIRECTLY from the publisher and author.  Our quizzes and exams authentically represent what publishers and authors intend for students to learn.

In each course, every chapter has a 10 question quiz.  Quiz questions are compiled into exams to reinforce greater comprehension and retention of critical points found in the author's text.

Students WILL broadly comprehend the text based on this type of reinforcement.

We do not burden students with "busy work".  Instead we focus students on the minds of our selected authors so that students are fully versed in the ideology and methods of these great scholars of God.

Foundational Benefits

There are many outstanding Bible colleges and seminaries--Liberty, Moody, Trinity, Talbot., BIOLA, Westminster, Fuller, Claremont, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and many more.  Our graduates are no less equipped than they.

However, our graduates enjoy benefits not offered by our competition.

  • We focus on time-tested texts by renowned conservative authors, who are widely accepted and predominant in their fields of study.
  • We do not require interaction with a professor at a predetermined time each week
  • While each lesson must be completed within each week, students are permitted to login on their own schedule to complete quizzes and exams.
  • Students learn more, in less time, than with lecture based teaching
  • Courses are focused on texts, quizzes and exams, not busy work
  • Courses are developed specifically for online study--they are not adaptations of a classroom environment
  • Books are purchased directly through Amazon, ensuring the lowest cost possible

Our programs offer quality testing standards and pricing.  Students absorb the pure meat of each scholar, equipping them for any challenge in their field of study.