We are very excited to have the opportunity to equip you for your ministerial goals.  You will read and be tested from texts recognized worldwide by scholars who are preeminent in their fields of study.  Your exposure to these thinkers will give you a comprehensive understanding for any ministerial challenge you will ever face.

Get Started

First, print this page by using the print icon at the top.

Below are the steps you need to complete.  On your printed copy, check them off as you go.

Step 1 - Apply Now To Confirm Your Email and Submit Your Application For Approval

  • At the top of any page, locate and click Apply Now.
  • Fill out the student application form as completely as possible.  Otherwise, you will experience delays in processing your application.
  • An email will be sent to you.
  • Open the email and click the link provided.
  • After the college reviews and approves your application, your account will be enabled and an email will be sent to you.

Step 2 - After Approval of your Application, Purchase Course Enrollment Keys 

  • Login with your username and password.
  • At the top of any page, locate and click Purchase Courses.
  • A course Enrollment Key is a password that you will need to enter a course.
  • When you purchase a course Enrollment Key, it will be sent to you via email in the form of an attachment.

Step 3 - After Purchasing Course Enrollment Keys, Go To Class and Purchase Textbooks

  • Click "Go To  Class".
  • Login with your user name and password.
  • Click the courses for which you have Enrollment Keys, and enter the key.
  • Once inside a course, you will be informed of:
    • Course description
    • Learning outcomes
    • Grade requirements
    • Textbook purchasing
  • If you have an ad blocker, you will need to turn it off or you will not be able to see the clickable textbook image for the course.
  • All of our texts are available on Amazon.com.  Click the textbook image in the course, and order it from Amazon.  You have the option of ordering a physical text, and in many cases, a Kindle text.

Step 4 - Read a Chapter from Your Text, and Complete the Associated Quiz

  • Lesson Quizzes consist of 10 or more questions per chapter.
  • If you miss a quiz question, it is important that you research the answer in your textbook.  The question may reappear on a Mid-term or Exam.

Step 5 - Complete Mid-Term And Final Exams

  • Mid-Term and Final Exams consist of a sub-set of all the quiz questions you've completed, presented in random order.
  • If you have done well on your quizzes, you will do well on your exams.  By mastering specific ideas presented in quizzes, you will have a well-connected flow of knowledge, which will bring greater understanding in your professional career.

We pray that God will embed in your mind his great truths, and put you on a path of life-long learning in your chosen field of study.